Say It Isn’t True! L’Oreal to shut down all Shu Uemura USA operations


I am almost sobbing as I write this. One of my favorite brands, Shu Uemura, is being shut down in the US by the cosmetic giant L’Oreal. I am heartbroken by the news! Shu Uemura makes the best eye lash curlers, make up brushes, foundations, cleansing oils and eye shadows! Need I go on? I’m so distraught right now, am going to order as much product as I can tonight! I will start with a dozen bottles of cleansing oils. What about you, what is your favorite Shu Uemura product?

At Shu Uemura website here.

7 thoughts on “Say It Isn’t True! L’Oreal to shut down all Shu Uemura USA operations

  1. Is it only the US companies?!?! Or does it affect Canadian ones too?

  2. Why?? Is it just their own retail stores or are they not selling the products at other stores either, like Sephora?

  3. There is no need to panic or stock up. U.S. customers will still be able to buy products online. They are only shutting down their retail operations in the U.S.

  4. Anonymous on said:

    first, prescriptives now shu uemura…. whats next?! i really hope shu will at least continue selling online the way px does :( how can we live without shu uemura?!

  5. Valerie H. on said:

    Please tell me we’ll still be able to get the eyelash curler and the face oil cleanser at Sephora!!!

  6. Carolina on said:

    OMG! I can’t live without their eyelash curlers and cleansing oils!!!

  7. L’Oreal has recently bought out many brands including Purology, Redken, and several others and has sold them all down the river in the name of making a buck. I guess I am not really suprised.

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