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Bottega Veneta Acquarello Clutch


THE must have clutch of the season, this Acquarello clutch is a vintage style Tomas Maier brought back and I am obsessing over this color combination of cigar, gladiola and yolk. What a perfect clutch for adding some sizzle to a somber outfit. The strips are pre-dyed then woven together to create that super cool zig zag transition. The clutch itself is a simple zip pouch with a strap to be worn as a wristlet. That punch of the gladiola is so amazing!! The zipper pockets are on both sides and although it is a bit taxing not having the zipper on the edge, it does give it more interest (otherwise it would just look like a pouch wallet or something). I played with it for a while and I had no problems with the functionality. The color combination is SOOOO good that I can definitely overlook minor details!! At Bottega Veneta for $1550, on pre-order.



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  1. I LOVE it!! Saw it on their web site a few weeks ago! I adore everything BV is doing this year! And fall 2010 looks incredible!!!

  2. Perhaps something was lost in the translation to photograph? It doesn’t look too impressive to me – the color choices seem very random. Will have to seek it out IRL to see what I’m missing.

  3. Kelly – I am picking up the Canevas/Cigar/Orchid/Delft version in a couple of weeks. I really like the combination of color and texture.

  4. this is a fab line but i keep waiting and watching for something other than the label (and its well-known attendant prices) to truly entice me… i want the person’s job who gets to label their colors! yolk! cigar! too fun.