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Bianca Pratt Jewelry

A few weeks ago I was introduced by a mutual friend to Bianca Pratt while out for a drink at Monkey Bar in NYC. Pratt is a super-chic young designer (and strikingly beautiful mother!), who designs these precious, little unassuming pendants inspired by her Brazilian/Canadian heritage. Her pieces sell at Barneysicon and a few other exclusive outlets, and she will be introducing e-commerce to her site soon. I love the fatima charm (pictured above in the middle), which is also available accented with a small diamond (a number of the pieces incorporate white, cognac, and blue diamonds, as well as rubies and sapphires). The pendant necklaces start at about $500 and include everything from Brazilian saints and Figa, to gold coin and bear charms (all 14K Gold). I love how pocket-size and delicate these are. Definitely a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift!


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