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Bugaboo Launches iPhone Holder


Bugaboo is assuming their customer base is the same as the iPhone and I think they are right. They are making it easier for us to be distracted while strolling our tots around with a new accessory, the iPhone Holder, that attaches to the handle for easy texting and talking. And yes, to listen to music on long strolls. But I worry about this, there have been so many studies showing how much our brain is out of commission when talking on the phone, much less texting, checking email, updating our Facebook status and the countless other diversions the iPhone provides. Bottom line, useful but use with caution!! Will be available May 1 at Bugaboo online for $24.95.



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  1. I was JUST saying to a friend how I was surprised no one has come up with this idea, specifically for listening to music. I hate wearing headphones when I run with the jogger bc I can’t hear the kids so I always end up with one earphone dangling. My son can barely hear the music and screams for Lady Gaga. It’d be great if we could listen together. Now we can, I guess, for walks in the ‘Boo.