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Crystal Pacifier by Aristabrat


Interesting. For such a blingy binky, shouldn’t the tot be smiling instead of scowling? Or maybe she is appropriately annoyed at such a tacky thing? I think the latter. This Crystal Pacifier ($120) may be kind of funny to buy as a gift but who would buy this for their own tot? And even weirder, on the Vivre site, it says that it is the “perfect choice for stylish mini metrosexuals”. WHAT??!! Ok, that is disturbing. Maybe the money should go toward much needed therapy.

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4 thoughts on “Crystal Pacifier by Aristabrat”

  1. Color me a paranoid mum, but I would be worried that those crystals are going to come off and somehow find their way into my little one’s mouth! Pass!

  2. These pacifiers are adorable! Probably a really great gift

    item. I guess silver spoons are out and blinged out pacis

    are the new it thing. I think its cute!!


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