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Daphne Guinness’ Hermès Sac Paris-Bombay


At Wednesday night’s Barneys Trunk-a-Palooza, where designers ranging from Richard Chai and Vena Cava to Shipley & Halmos and Rag & Bone turned out to pre-sell their fall goods, I nearly didn’t recognize my friend Daphne Guinness. Hanging by the Alexander Wang area next to a custom-built tent with all-black bean cushions, Guinness, at first I thought, was wearing flats! Turns out she was simply resting her heel-less Antonio Berardi shoes on the ground (who knew?). Resting beside her was her Hermès Sac Paris-Bombay. I’ve always eyed her simple black box calf Hermès bag with the natural lining–primarily because it’s not the expected Kelly or Birkin you’d think someone of her status would tote. “It’s too expected,” she laughed when I asked her about it. “I buy things that speak to me, not to be a show off.” She then set her bag on the floor to let me snap a bird’s eye-shot looking into her bag! Inside are the usual contents of a woman’s bag (while she’s very organized, alas there no diamonds or rubies or Lanvin flats–I checked), but she clearly loves the Sac Paris-Bombay. This past February, she sported a white version to the Calvin Klein Collection show–both in the 37cm length. A true class act!

Hermès Sac Paris-Bombay, $6,200, available at Hermès stores nationwide



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  1. taking a picture of the inside of a woman’s PURSE? do you have no class? this is tacky and rude. what would you have done had she had some personal items visible? disgusting.

  2. Uh, first I had to Google to see who the hell Daphne Guinness is. Second thing to ponder, how in the world the Hermès Sac Paris-Bombay could be worth $6,200. Umm, it’s a nice enough purse, but come on. As far as I can tell, Daphne Guinness’ only claim to fame is having money, so it would make sense that she has a bag that makes no sense financially.

  3. You photographed the inside of her handbag without her permission?! That says more about you than any amount of posts on this blog. You are no gentleman, sir.

  4. WTH do we want to see the inside of a womens purse? How tacky. I can honestly whenever I see that it is ManSnob posting I scroll past without reading. I don’t think you have any style or class. I’m not sure why you write for

  5. Hi everyone,

    Wow, I’m a bit surprised about your reaction to Jim’s post on his friend Daphne’s bag! It’s a playful and fun blog post and certainly not intended to offend anyone! We often ask to snap interiors of bags from designers and no one has ever complained before. Please keep the comments about the bags. 🙂

    Bag Snob Tina

  6. Everyone, Jim asked permission to take the photo….please read before you write your comments.

    And I personally think there is nothing wrong with discovering how bag-lovers organize the contents of their beloved bag. It is an honor to see DG’s organizational skills…it tells you a lot about the owner of the bag. Tina, there should definitely be a post on “what’s inside the BAG!” Fashion Magazines in Japan and Europe do features on “what’s in your favorite bag?” So let’s not get all roused up. It’s all good!

    Thanks ManSnob…love ur posting! Keeps things interesting!

  7. Let’s ease up, people. Daphne Guinness often totes around unzipped bags (with visible contents) and they are almost always stuffed. I am sure she won’t mind. I am, for one, happy that at least one celebrity is actually using her bags not just carrying them as a hollow arm candy.

  8. wow guy stop tearing into him!!! She let him take the picture and even set it down. And it’s not some random stranger’s purse but his friends!!!

  9. Your ignorance astonishes me people! If you read this blog then surely you must be interested in fashion yet you don’t know who Daphne Guinness is?! Astonishing. And Jim did ask her for permission to take the photo so stop writing such nonsense!

    Jim: next time you see Daphne, please tell her she’s a true icon and her ability to wear what seems like almost unwearable haute couture pieces which such ease is just fabulous!

    Tina: I would love to see a post or two about the inside of a bag, mine is a total mess and I could do with a few tips on how to organize it!


  10. What Annie Said.


    ps. I love the Bombay. Were it mine (unlikely – at least not this season) I would try to not stuff it, as the lines are what make it gorgeous, imo (beyond the impeccable craftsmanship)

    pps. why on earth would anybody come on THIS blog, of all blogs, and rag about the cost of a handbag?

    Fun Post, ManSnob!

  11. Hi Lina,

    Long time no hear from you! Always enjoy reading your comments.

    I have a simple system that allows me to change bags in 5 seconds. I only keep three things in my bag– a make up bag and a large wallet that I put random stuff in (receipts, pens, keys)and an iPhone, nothing else. I used to have an organizer but now with the iPhone I don’t need it!

    Thanks for everyone’s suggestions, I will do more on what’s in your bag! xoTina

  12. Not that it really matters, but the blog was changed to say he asked permission. At first it said something like I saw her bag on the ground and couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the contents…this is not word for word because its been changed. Point is he did not say that he asked her permission…it sounded almost stalkerish at first.

    I think the bag is beautiful. Very classic, something that could be carried forever. If I was wealthy I would get one also. 🙂 My favorite is the Lindy though. I have never had the pleasure of seeing a Hermes in person, but would love to one day.

  13. Meaghan is right. The wording of the blog has been changed. In the original post he implies that he has taken a sneaky peak inside her bag – leading the reader to believe that he has done so without permission. THAT is why people were annoyed. You cannot write one thing, get a negative reaction, change what you’ve written to make it appear in a better light and then not expect some fall-out.

    Not the end of the world, but not good journalistic practice either.

  14. Oh come one people, so what if Jim did not ask before snapping a picture, or changed the words of the article.

    Please leave it to Daphne Guiness herself to protest so violently.

    Saying that Jim has neither style nor class is unfair, since his articles are frequently well written and intelligent. A lot of magazines/blogs have “what’s inside your bag” articles and I LOVE reading them. So yes, some people do care what is inside a woman’s purse.

  15. Calm down already. Frankly, I can’t even tell what all that stuff is in her bag-however it does seem like a nice bag for keeping things organized. And it’s not like any of us would faint if there were a stray tampax or something floating around in there. It’s to be expected-it’s a woman’s handbag.

  16. OMG in the grand scheme of things who cares?!?

    It’s so neatly laid out for the photo Jim probably did get her permission.

    Any those who claim not to care or be curious about the contents of her handbag – you’re lying!

  17. If you want to complain about the price of a beautiful Hermes bag with amazing craftsmanship, I think that you must be reading the wrong blog.

  18. i agree with debbie, plus he asked permission also, he writes here tastefully…. people read first before commenting OK

  19. “If you want to complain about the price of a beautiful Hermes bag with amazing craftsmanship, I think that you must be reading the wrong blog.”

    Amazing craftsmanship – okay, maybe the bag is worth $3,000. Ask yourself if you would buy the exact same bag for $6.200 if it had the same “amazing craftsmanship” and it didn’t say “Hermes” on it.

    If you crave status and it makes you feel good, fine, but don’t pretend there is anything remotely worth $6,200 about this bag.

  20. Anonymous, how does carrying a Hermes Bombay bag give one any status? Most people have no idea what it is. If a woman can afford it and likes it, who cares what Hermes charges for it, and whether it is “worth” the pricetag. None of us are pretending it is “worth” US$6200. If you don’t think its is “worth” $6200, then don’t buy it. That’s all.