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Fresh Elixir Ancien


I have been obsessed with Fresh products for years and have been dying to try the new Ancienne line.  I was planning to treat myself to the eye cream and

oil but my friend Melinda beat me to it– she gave me the Elixir Ancien Oil and Eye cream for Valentine’s Day (she’s the sweetest and most generous friend, ever!) and it has become my daily salvation.  I worried the Elixir oil would clog my pores at first but after 2 months of use my pores actually look less noticeable.  Made of a blend of pure oils and wrinkle fighting extracts, the lines around my eyes have been reduced by at least 50% since I started using it.  So much so that my hubby’s best friend actually asked me if I’d had a face lift!?!?!?  Seriously now, when would I have time to do that?  But a few drops of Elixir oil gently massaged to my skin each night?  That I have time for, and you should make time for–  I promise you will love this oil!  It’s not greasy at all and absorbs into the skin immediately.  Massage it on cleansed skin first followed with any moisturizer (but in the warmer months the oil is all I need!).  Fresh

Elixir Ancien 1.7 oz for $250 

All Ancien products are hand blended by monks in a secret monastery in Eastern Europe (I know it sounds schticky but trust me, the line is really worth trying).  



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  1. When did you start to visually notice the difference after using it? How does it make the skin around your eyes feel after application? Nice review!I still cant believe the formula being hand blended by monks in a secret location!!! How much more exotic could you get with that?

  2. I started noticing a difference when my husband’s best friend asked if I had a facelift!? It was after 3 weeks I think. The lines around my eyes softened considerably. $250 is worth the price, it will last 6 months!