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Frugal Snob: Alexander Wang x Opening Ceremony Tote


For those who can’t quite yet afford the price of Alexander Wang’s signature Rocco duffle with studded base (you know, the one Kristin Cavallari totes around in “The Hills”), here’s a stylish alternative: Wang has created a limited edition black canvas tote in celebration of Opening Ceremony’s new Ace Hotel outpost that features his trademark studs for a fraction of the price. Available exclusively at the Ace Hotel shop or online, the simple tote–whose first shipment sold out immediately but has since been replenished–is available with silver studs, which feature three grooves, or gold studs, which have just one groove. I recently picked up the gold studded version; I thought the silver studs with the three grooves looked kind of weird. Inside the tote are two labels: one for Opening Ceremony, the other for Alexander Wang. It’s a nifty collector’s item, not to mention a cute gift for the aspiring fashionista or fashionisto. Think of it as a “starter” Alexander Wang piece–or as simply a great everyday bag.

$125.00 available at



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  1. I can’t afford a Wang bag, but I definitely wouldn’t buy this as an alternative. It’s SO ugly, and such an obvious way to say, “I can’t afford the real thing, and I have no idea what’s cute if it doesn’t have a designer name on it.” You can get a much prettier, sassier, leather bag for $125 if you try hard enough.

  2. Ladies, ladies!

    This is such a simple DIY and no one would know the difference. Shame on those thinking this is a worthwhile purchase.