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Gisele and Charlize in Dior Large Gaucho Tote

I think the Dior Saddle Bag is one of the best, most original designs of all times and every so often I’ll bust my black one out of my closet and wear it out. Anyone else feel like the Saddle will be making a comeback soon? Its been about seven years since its peak…I think it’s about time it comes back! That said I’m not as big of a fan of the Dior Gaucho Large Tote which Gisele and Charlize have been spotted in recently (the one Charlize is wearing is actually on sale now for $806). It’s more of a classic, because it never reached the “hot status” of the Saddle and it’s definitely still super original, it’s just a bit too western-like for my taste. It is practical though since it has a zip top, a front flap, and lots of pockets.

What do you think of the Saddle vs. the Gaucho?

Which do you prefer?opinion


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