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Givenchy Summer 2010 Collection


I never wear waterproof mascara because I worry about loosing eyelashes in the process of taking it off, but my allergies have left me no choice but to succumb. Well… sort of! I’ve been using Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara ($29), which now comes in waterproof black and turquoise varieties on the small lashes at the edges of eyes. It kills three birds with one stone – I don’t need to worry about loosing lashes, I get clump-free color on even the tinniest lashes, and I don’t get any messiness around my eyes when my allergies kick in! Also in the Summer 2010 collection are two new glosses. I particularly like Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal Sun 474 Island Cocoa ($24.50), but unfortunately it doesn’t suit my pale, pale complexion. Anyone with olive skin however would look great in this rich, shimmering shade. To round out their Summer collection Givenchy has also introduced two limited edition Eyeshadows ($29) and Compact Powders ($45). 


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  1. They looks like nice. They are not expensive for me, but I think can help me to save more with shopping rewards and coupons

  2. Once I used water proof mascara, and I loosed many of my eye lashes while removing it. Is Phenomen Eye mascara comes only in two shades? I love to use it , if it is easy to remove.