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Prescriptives was one of my all-time fave beauty brands (RIP!), and among the items I always turned to them for were their brushes. While they weren’t the sleekest, their brushes were soft, yet dense and always applied the perfect amount of foundation/blush (note- you can still get some Prescriptives items online). I find that so many brushes are either brittle and irritating on my skin or they’re so soft that they just collapse on my face. Luckily I was right when I figured that I could count on Hourglass for brushes that combined Prescriptives’ quality with a modern, elegant design. Their PETA-friendly brushes are made from extra soft high-grade Takelon bristles (can be used wet or dry), and have a weighted metal handles for control. I’ve been using the Hourglass Powder Brush($65) and the Hourglass Retractable Foundation Brush ($42) to apply my makeup and I highly recommend both. If you only opt for one however, there is no beating the convenience of the retractable brush which I’ve used to apply foundation, highlighter, and blush (big enough to use at home, small enough to fit in your purse). Jump for info on the full line of Hourglass brushes!

  • No.1 Powder: Excellent for applying and blending both loose and

    press powder, the sculpted head allows for precise product placement,


  • No.2 Foundation/Blush: Tapered end allows foundations to be

    lightly applied for a smooth and even coverage as well as shading and

    highlighting of blushes, $58

  • No.3 All Over Shadow: Seamlessly applies and layers powder eye shadows over the entire eye lid, $30
  • No.4 Crease: Ideal for precision contouring and detailed blending of eye shadows, $30
  • No.5 Concealer/Shadow: Slim, tapered design provides spot

    application for small blemishes and even blending of shadow or

    concealer for under eye area, $25

  • No.6 Eyeliner: Lines and blends a concentrated amount of eye shadow near the lash line, $24
  • No.7 Finish: Full and rounded to effortlessly sweep over a large surface area to distribute product

    Retractable Foundation Brush: A travel-friendly foundation brush, $42


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