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Mama Mio Bootcamp Kits

As someone who works out on a regular basis I can’t stand anyone, anything, or any product that claims “easy,” “quick,” or “fun” weight-loss and muscle tone — it’s just not going to be any of those things — if it were easy, quick, and fun we’d all have Gisele’s body! The best products and the only products I would trust are ones that stress combination with exercise, healthy diet, and sticking to a routine which is why I think the Mama Mio Bootcamp kits are a great kick-start to getting our butts back into bikini shape. There are three kits in the series each of which targets either the butt, the bust, or the tummy. The kits come with three beauty products along with a pamphlet that illustrates a daily 3-minute workout for that specific body part. There’s enough in each kit for 30 days ($85-$125). I’ve been using Bootcamp for Butts and it suggests doing two butt exercises that I know for a fact have helped shape my booty (I would recommend doing them two or three times a day for 3 minutes if you can for quicker results, but if not, even with just 3 minutes you’ll see results after a month). The creams are light in scent, fast-acting, fast-absorbing, and each bottle is a different bright color so they’re easy to keep straight. To learn more click here!


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