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Marchesa Crystal-Embroidered Clutch


Does this bag scream opulence or what? In what seems like a nod toward pre-recession times, Marchesa’s first evening bag collection includes this stunner: a crystal embroidered clutch with large hand beveled quartz crystal clasp. I don’t know about you, but when I first laid eyes on this, I immediately thought Alexis Carrington in “Dynasty”–but in a good way. I love the detailing of this weighty clutch; it really symbolizes a true piece of art much in the way a Marchesa gown is as well. Check out that handwork detailing with the different beads, sequins and stones! While it’s no doubt a fragile piece, it’s refreshing to see that the design of the bag was done in a more youthful manner with a look that doesn’t seem like it was just an arts and crafts project with expensive trinkets. I always like a chunky clasp that has some oomph to it and boy does this clutch have that. It’s a simple quartz clasp that nicely complements the intricacy of the clutch’s main body without competing for attention. Some may deem it too old looking, but I think it’ll give a shot of glamour to a younger woman while reinforcing an older woman’s elegance.

$2885.00 available at Neiman Marcus

9 thoughts on “Marchesa Crystal-Embroidered Clutch

  1. If ever a bag were a perfect conceptualization of a brand this is it. Not a logo anywhere, but could this 2010 bag be anything Marchesa.

  2. it`s a very pretentious and stylish little clutch. not one you can wear every day, that`s for sure.

  3. Breathtakingly,achingly beautiful. Just like Marchesa’s gowns.

  4. My breath is taken away

  5. Anonymous on said:

    I am quivering! Must have it…

  6. Vanessa S on said:

    This is absolutely beautiful!!

  7. Looks cheap for a Marchesa clutch…However I do like the JAR inspired thread pave around the crystal top….

  8. Sheree Acheson on said:

    I must have this clutch!!! Please tell me where I can purchase this Beautiful piece of art?

    I called Neiman’s in Beverly Hills and they said they do not carry Marchesa handbags :(

  9. Hi, I am dying for this clutch!!! Where can I buy it???? I called Neiman’s in Beverly Hills and they said that Neiman’s does not carry Marchesa handbags :( Please help!!!!!!

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