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Mario Badescu’s Chest and Back Acne Solution

Besides leaving me feeling like a gross, stinky mess, the major drawback to sweating for me is that I get back and chest acne. This happens not only in the summer, but pretty much anytime I workout and don’t shower ASAP afterward. My skin is super sensitive and it really only takes a little too much exposure to sweat for obnoxious little bumps to pop-up (and twisting and turning my arms to apply cream on them is no fun either… In fact it’s why I now am in desperate need of a back massage!). Luckily there are two fast-acting miracle workers for sweat-induced back and chest acne from Mario Badescu (and I mean fast — like 2-3 days for me to see results). First I use the Special Cleansing Lotion O ($15 for 8oz; $26 for 16oz) on clean skin and then apply the Drying Cream ($17 for 1oz). I used it twice a day for the last two weeks and it has near completely cleared my body. The only drawback is the bad smell. The Special Cleansing Lotion O and Drying Cream both contain sulfur which is the ingredient that is effective at clearing up breakouts and since Mario Badescu doesn’t use  masking agents in their products, you’ll get an intense whiff of it so I wouldn’t suggest applying this before a night out on the town as the scent lingers for a little bit. Usually bad smells are a no-go for me, but in this case the smell is worth dealing with given the results.

On a side not, fill out MB’s skin questionnaire and it will recommend a customized regimen for you and they’ll send you a complimentary sample skin regimen so you can test things out for yourself before purchasing:-)


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  1. I just recently (from reading another blog,adn after a sale on started using Mario Badescu products. I have SUPER oily skin (somehow that started to happen the minute I turned 30) and I use the drying mask every other day to keep the oil away. I use the enzyme cleanser and recently filled out the consultation survey on their website and am totally excited to get the samples. My skin has noticed the effects of these products super FAST. AND what’s even better is that they’re not crazy expensive. I think I’ve found a brand that works and isn’t too bad on the pocketbook that I can stick to!