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Mulberry Alexa Clutch


I know many of you are rabid fans of the Alexa messenger bag from Mulberry but I actually like the clutch version better.  If you’re looking for an urban chic bag to toughen up all the floral dresses of the season, this is the ultimate!  What a perfect accessory for a pair of old jeans and feminine top– the juxtaposition of soft and edgy is one of my favorite looks.  The utilitarian straps have magnetic fastening for easy access and it’s large enough to use during day or night.  Hurry, there are only 3 left!  Mulberry Alexa Clutch for $895  What about you, what do you prefer in the Alexa–  Bag or Clutch?

On another note, Mulberry has launched an exclusive Alexa bag with Selfridges, in glittering metallic gold!  There were only 40 made and it retails for £795 (around $1,192)


13 thoughts on “Mulberry Alexa Clutch

  1. mochababe73 on said:

    I am with you. I love that clutch, but I’m not a fan of the messenger bag. It hangs funny when worn.

  2. I am absolutely obsessed….

  3. The clutch, definitely – but the bag is overrated

  4. mulberry did a pretty good job with this one

  5. proenza did it way betterrrrrr :)

  6. LOVE the clutch!!!

  7. I prefer the PS1 but I prefer the Alexa Clutch over the bag.

  8. second that – I think messenger bag’s overrated in general

  9. ditto

    I like the PS1 better

  10. Wow. The Alexa is gorgeous! Just the right touch of sparkle to be classy and not flashy.

  11. marisa on said:

    I love the PS1 and the Alexa-I have one of each!!This clutch is fantastic.

  12. “juxtaposition of soft and edgy” exactly. yummy clutch!

  13. oh mulberry mulberry….

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