Frugal Snob: SEQUOIA PARIS celebrates 20 years with Pierre Hardy


Sequoia Paris celebrates 20 years of chic with the “Twenty” bag ($495) designed by Pierre Hardy. It is difficult to find well made and well designed bags under $500– especially from a talent like Pierre Hardy!  I’ve seen the bags; the leather is incredible as is the workmanship.  Tight seams and immaculate stitching make the bags look like they cost double the price.  The collection has multiple colors but I love the neutral shade above– nude is the color of the season and a nude bag is way more practical than, say, a nude sheer dress.  Available at

4 thoughts on “Frugal Snob: SEQUOIA PARIS celebrates 20 years with Pierre Hardy

  1. fendinista on said:

    Dear Tina,

    I love this bag, and more so by pierre hardy. His mainline bags are to die for too! Sadly the website only post the bags within America. Any idea how can I get hold of the bag and send it to Singapore? thanks dearest!!

  2. I don`t see anything special about this bag. When I buy a new handbag/purse/clutch I look for something that makes me look younger and this definitely wouldn`t do the trick.

  3. Good deal, that leather looks buttery soft!

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