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adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – Green Tea


Oils are my latest thing, nothing like pure natural oil to drench dry skin, you know what I mean? And yes, oils are tres messy but so worth the trouble. I got the adara organic virgin coconut oil in Green Tea recently and was puzzled by its thick white gooey texture when it arrived. I tried squeezing it and nothing would come out. Then I read on the back of the bottle that “Untainted coconut oil naturally crystalizes in cooler temperatures. Simply run the adara bottle under hot tap water to liquefy!” I was running behind schedule and really did not have time to heat up my bottle so I removed the entire bottle cap and scooped out a couple of pieces to rub on my legs. First it melted right away and smelled really clean and fresh! I actually like the solid version and don’t plan on liquefying my oil but you can decide what works better for you.

adara’s organic oils are more than moisturizers, you can use it as pimple treatment overnight! The cleansing properties of the lauric acid will help remove bacteria so that redness will fade and inflammation will subside. Who knew oil can help pimples!?!? Try for yourself, they are offering a buy 2 get 1 free so if you get two friends to split the cost with, it’s really worth while.

ADARA Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for $30



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  1. Glad to see something about the Adara oils, I’m a big fan! These are much less greasy, in my opinion, than some other ones I’ve tried. The scents are nice and light, not overpowering, so I can layer them with other fragrances. They even have an unscented one. What I do before showering is to either fill the sink with hot water and drop the bottle in there, OR bring the bottle into the shower, and stand it up on the shower floor so that as I shower, the heated water will help to liquefy it. Either way, by the time I’m done with the shower and ready to moisturize, the oil will be in liquid form and easier to apply. It dries nicely and leaves my skin really soft. I think it says it’s even safe for babies.