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Charm for Charity – The Woods Jewelry for the Marshall Direct Fund

My new favorite jewelry line, The Woods Fine Jewels, has designed a delectable collection of charms to be sold for a worthy cause– The Marshall Direct Fund. 100% of the profits will go to the fund, who’s mission is to improve relations between the West and the Muslim world by working together to alleviate poverty and illiteracy via sustainable educational and economic development in Southwest Asia.  Education is freedom my friends, yet we all take it for granted.  Buying one of these charms will not only make you feel good about donating to this charity, but you’ll look so chic doing it!

I am currently contemplating my first purchase of one of these earthy glam pieces myself, the natural wood element really complement the old mine cut diamonds and shimmering pearls without being too “in your face”, you know what I mean?  It’s all about subtlety for me when it comes to jewelry but I still want luxe and glam– “The Woods Fine Jewels” strike that perfect balance for me!  If you are also contemplating a piece, why not buy it through the Marshall Direct Fund so you can feel great about shopping with a purpose.  Go to Marshall Direct Fund here! 


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One thought on “Charm for Charity – The Woods Jewelry for the Marshall Direct Fund”

  1. Interested in necklace as well as bracelet that I viewed online which pertained charities.thank you…peace,barbar


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