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Prada’s New His and Her Fragrances

Prada recently released the latest limited-edition scents in their Ephemeral Infusion collection which this year includes the first masculine eau de toilette in the series. When it comes to fragrances I stick mostly to Chanel’s Allure, Tom Ford’s White Suede, and occasionally Caleche from Hermes, and rarely find fragrances that I like enough to opt to wear over one of those three. So I have to say I was not at all expecting to like Prada ‘Infusion de Vetiver’ Eau de Toilette Spray ($74 for 3.4oz) and

Prada ‘Infusion de Tubereuse’ Eau de Parfum Spray ($100 for 3.4oz) as much as I did. Tubereuse is a mix of Tuberose, Petitgrain Bigarade, and Blood Orange but it’s more sexy than fruity, while Vetiver is formulated with notes of Tarragon, Madagascan Pepper, and Purple Ginger, but again unlike what those notes would have you think the fragrance didn’t strike me as overly herbaceous or spicy, but actually refreshing while still being robust enough for a man, but light enough that a woman might opt to wear it. The simplicity of the vintage-inspired bottles are also a refreshing change from all the overly frilly ones lining counters – loving the little pop via the classic Prada silver plaque and vintage print inspired tops! These just hit counters, so stop by for a spritz, I imagine you’ll be pleasantly surprised:-)


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  1. love trying new fragrances but usually end up sticking to the old faithfuls…. I’ll have to give these a sniff!!


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