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Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Messenger


I don’t know what my deal is with messenger bags lately, either I’m having a mid life crisis or it’s just old age but I can’t get enough of cross body bags. It’s so liberating to have my hands free to text, tweet, or play a quick game of “Words with Friends”. One of the best I’ve seen is the PS1 Mini Messenger (hardly mini at 12.5″ x 8.5″ plus 11″ handle) it’s not only super practical (expandable zippers at sides!), it’s also downtown chic– now that’s a difficult combination to achieve. I love the horn clasp, it gives the bag a sophisticated polish so I won’t actually feel like a school girl even though I am subliminally channeling one. The chains are help up by stamped python pad (don’t complain, it it was real the price would be much much higher) and I like that it looks like actual chains. This is seriously a hot bag. There are a lot of bags with the same look right now but for me, it’s the PS1 or nothing. What about you?

PS1 Mini Messenger $1,595 at



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  1. Not only is it hardly “mini” at those dimensions, it’s hardly a messenger with an 11 inch handle, and it’s certainly not a cross-body bag! To wear cross-body, a bag’s strap has to be somewhere around 40 inches long, give or take. I’ve been wearing cross-body bags since long before they were trendy, and I can tell you, a too-short strap is a recipe for looking really silly. Assuming you could even wear this across your body, it’d be up under your armpit, not hanging down nicely along your side the way a cross-body bag is supposed to. If you want the bag to hit below the high hip, and you’re tallish like I am, then it’s more like 45 or 46 inches of strap length needed to get a good cross-body position. This bag is a cute style, but the strap is way too short to qualify for cross-body status.I can tell you,

  2. Love the bag, but a little worried about the strap length. I am 5’8″, not sure this is long enough. I ma sticking to my Hermes Gypsiere 28cm


  3. This is fab all the way around and so what if it isn’t a cross-body messenger – you can still be relatively hands-free with a shoulder bag like this. I read on another blog that Tommy Ton recently noted the emerging trend of square-shaped shoulder bags. I have my eye on this and the Givenchy Melancholia, but it is going to be a tough decision!

  4. too bad it is not really a cross body strap which is what I need. I need a brown one to replace my favorite one I bought in Paris years ago , simple with a buckle that was at the bottom. Most bags today have too much hardware and studs. For everyday I want simple like what Charlotte Gainsbourg wore in her film, MY WIFE IS AN ACTRESS.

  5. Hm, I would stick with the regular PS1 and not this mini one. The original is genius and looks much much better than this, in my opinion. And the starting cost is about the same as this.