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Royal Apothic Fragrance

My son is very scent sensitive, one of his first spoken phrases was “mama stinky, smell pretty please” in the mornings when I’d hug him and kiss him before brushing my teeth. And you do not want to walk past a market with him in Chinatown or any place that had any kind of strong odor as he would scream at the top of his lungs “STINKY STINKY STINKY– ‘SGUSTING ‘SGUSTING ‘SGUSTING!” over and over until we left.

I thought it was a phase he’d grow out of but his olfactory senses seem to be working better than ever (thank god he’s old enough to know that he is not allowed to scream at random, he just whispers it to me when his senses are offended)! He’s also turned into a fragrance nazi about our home, too. If a room does not smell right, he’ll run for one of my many Interior Fragrance bottles from Royal Apothic. We have several but we both love the Cutting Garden (inspired by the Windsor gardens) best– it’s a yummy concoction of white florals including gardenias (our absolute favorite scented flower!). If you’re not a floral person, there are many other options to choose from. All the scents in the line are light and fresh, try them the next time you’re at Anthropologie or check the line out here–$30 at Royal Apothic Fragrance



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