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T3 ManeTamer


My bathroom resembles an ad for T3 products, besides the Featherweight hair dryer (dries my long hair in 7 minutes) I have the Twirl curling irons (in 2 sizes), a flat iron, a travel flat iron plus products ranging from dry shampoo (they make the best!), hair spray and heat activated serums. I can’t help my T3 obsession, they really do make superior products that last and work!  I don’t really have any use for this Mane Tamer other than greed since my hair is not an unruly curly mess (I wish!) but if you have a wild mane of hair, you must try this– it works especially well on wet hair.  Not only does T3 irons heat up in 5 seconds (I have this weird habit of counting when it’s heating– don’t ask) it actually makes my hair softer.  

T3 ManeTamer Unruly Hair Straightener for $200

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2 thoughts on “T3 ManeTamer”

  1. With the temperature rising (and humidity too!) it’s so great to know about products like this…. always need a stocked arsenal!! Beauty Agents would LOVE….


  2. Hi Tina, I would love to know your opinion – i have a flat iron GHD (the ceramic white one) – do you think T3 flat irons are better? are they available in Italy? thank you!


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