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Thymes Ambersweet Orange Summer 2010 Collection

Thymes has just introduces their latest collection, the Ambersweet Orange Collection. As always the line has a clean, refreshing, not-too-strong, but just-strong-enough to sooth, smell. There are 14 items in the collection ranging from hand lotions to fragrance mists all of which are formulated with orange blossom, tonka bean, vanilla, nutmeg, sandalwood, and cardamom. Don’t let the name scare you away if you’re not big on fruity scents (neither am I!), this is not an overpoweringly-fruity collection. It’s very well-balanced and the tonka bean gives a slight almond paste-like note that feels so right for summer. The hand lotion is a personal favorite – great AM pick-me-up and fast-absorbing, moisturizing consistency.  For a list of what is included in the collection Jump!

Collection includes — 

Body Lotion 2 oz $5.50 

Body Wash 2 oz $5.50 
Bar Soap 6.8 oz $13.00 
Bath Salts Envelope 2 oz $5.00 
Body Lotion 9.25 oz $24.00 
Body Wash 9.25 oz $18.00 
Cologne 1.75 oz $32.00 
Hand Cream 2.5 oz $16.00 
Hand Lotion 8.25 oz $14.00 
Hand Wash 8.25 oz $12.00 
Home Fragrance Mist 3 oz $16.00 
Liquid Foaming Bath 12.25 oz $20.00 
Poured Aromatic Candle 9 oz $26.00 
Sink Set with Caddy 8.25 oz $30.00


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