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BE & D Taylor Cross Body Bag 30% off!


We are all about the cross body bag for summer travels but I have a tendency to over pack mine with water bottles, kindle, toys, etc which takes its toll on my back.  The other option is to get one small enough so I am not tempted to stuff my entire closet into it yet large enough to fit my camera, wallet, and iPhone.  Be & D Taylor bag is about the size I was thinking of but is it too young for me?!  I’d hate to look like one of those moms who are trying to out do their teenagers (you know who you are!) and not that I’d wear this as a fanny pack but knowing that it’s an option is nice!  Now that it’s 30% off at Shopbop, I’m seriously tempted.  It’s so perfect for my monthlong trip to Asia this summer and when I’m done I can pass it to one of my cousins.  The lock reminds me of the Hermes Goodlock clutch and is very chic but it’s the giant studs on the sides that are holding me back… will think about this on my flight home today (barring anymore mishaps.  I missed my flight Wednesday night and it was cancelled last night, not that I don’t heart NYC but I really need to get home!).  What do you think? 

BE & D Taylor Cross Body / Belt Bag for $488 $341!



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  1. I don’t think it’s that bad and I have the same dilemma with over packing large messenger bags. If this lost the big studs it would be cute.