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Blake Lively's Chanel Logo Earrings: Snob or Slob?


I wear these Chanel Logo Earrings ALL the time. I’m not a big in your face logo person (I use all the GG print bags I used to wear on a regular basis, up until a few years ago, as gym bags now…), for some reason when it comes to Chanel jewelry though I’m all about the big in your face logo. These earrings are under-stated (they’re small and not high-shine), but I like the little pop of glitz they add. They’re also super versatile, will never go out of style, and can be worn with just about anything.
What do you think about Blake Lively’s Chanel Logo Earrings? Snob or Slob?

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One thought on “Blake Lively's Chanel Logo Earrings: Snob or Slob?”


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