Chloé Abby Framed Shoulder Bag


I feel cool just looking at this bag. It has a vagabond look but incredibly chic at the same time. It’s very Sienna Miller, no offense intended in comparing her to a hobo but she cleans up well. That removable pocket is insane, such a good idea! I always wish I can just grab my essentials and run out of the car for a quick errand but I end up kind of juggling everything and then feeling dumb for not just taking the whole bag. I love the contrasting suede of the pocket, it adds another layer of dimension and texture. It is called a frame bag but it technically isn’t, it is a doctor’s bag with the metal trim around the opening’s edge to make it look like a frame, which makes it easier to open so I’m fine with that. This bag will become a part of you as you get comfortable with it and throw it around – it’ll look even better all beat up! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1985.

5 thoughts on “Chloé Abby Framed Shoulder Bag

  1. debbie on said:

    Love it. So versatile.

  2. Hmmmm a bit dowdy looking though. Much prefer the Marcia bags of this season.

  3. I wonder how long is the strap.

  4. A real dull bag!

  5. ohhhhmygodd this bags are orgasmic!!!I looove them!!!!

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