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Cowshed Spa at Soho House | Mother’s Day


Hey New York! Treat mom to a day at the Cowshed Spa at the SoHo House this weekend! We love Cowshed’s all natural premium quality products made with minimal use of preservatives. These ingredients are extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds (sounds yummy doesn’t it?!) Even better that Cowshed makes every effort to source ingredients ethically. For example, sourcing the organic palm oil in the soaps does not result in deforestation, and the sandalwood in Cowshed’s Lazy Cow collection is sourced from government monitored plantations in Indonesia. It doesn’t get better than that, does it!?

If you can’t get her to the spa, run by Cowshed Spa and pick up a gift set and gift certificate!

Knackered Cow Gift Set

The Knackered Cow Relaxing Gift Set includes the Knackered Cow Travel Candle, Relaxing Bath and Shower Gel and Relaxing Body Lotion. Made with essential oils of lavender (my absolute favorite for relaxation!) and eucalyptus for tired muscles.



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