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Designers seem to have finally gotten the message that women want to be hands-free if given a choice. From Tory Burch and Alexander Wang to Mulberry and Hermès, brands, both contemporary and designer, have introduced new bags or evolved best-selling styles to accommodate the season’s biggest handbag trend: the long-strap bag. Have a look at an article I wrote about the trend in this past weekend’s Financial Times, where I contribute to the style pages. I’d love to hear your feedback. Have you adopted this new look? What long-strap bag did you just acquire or have on your wish list? Read the Financial Times article.

17 thoughts on “Financial Times – Long-Strap Bags Story

  1. I got the petal to the metal natasha messenger bag by MBMJ

  2. Katerina on said:

    I already adopted the style last year as soon as Anya Hindmarch launched handsfree bags. I snapped the 3 pocket handsfree for practical reasons. My son was just about 10 months old and I needed hands free when using bugaboo. I use this bag mainly when I am out with my kid.

  3. debbie on said:

    Goodness, it’s not brain surgery. It’s common sense that a shoulder bag or messenger bag keeps your hands free. Designers and customers both in this article are acting like this is a big news flash.

  4. Yes! I recently got a Hermes Kelly handbag and after toting it around for a few days, found it to be incredibly tiring. It’s a heavy bag and probably better suited for a lady who lunches type. Thank God it comes with a strap. I’m happy to hear it’s now considered stylish to carry a long strap bag. Honestly, it would have been rather granny if it weren’t for the fact that it’s a Hermes Kelly. Shall I consider myself a trendsetter? : )

  5. Valerie on said:

    Thank you! This is the only style that works for me. I am glad I live in Texas and often go without a coat and shorter straps can work for me, but I have to have longer straps.

  6. Hermes Girl on said:

    I don’t need straps that drop the bag below my hip, but I’m definitely all about hands-free bags. That’s one of the reasons I like the Kelly better than the Birkin. Most of the purses that I use on a regular basis have a strap/straps that I can carry over my shoulder, with or without a coat. One of my biggest frustrations right now is finding a tote-size bag that I can use for work that also has long straps.

  7. cross body handbags are super in this summer, but the ones pictured above are not the style I`m interested in.

  8. Heather on said:

    I’m with J in that I can finally consider myself a trendsetter, too! :-) Two of my favorite bags that I find myself wearing the most often were both designed to have a long removable shoulder strap (so convenient!): a burgundy patent leather Gucci with the (uncomfortable) bamboo handle, and an adorable navy Ferragamo with a grosgrain bow. I guess having my hands free suits style; plus, I can ride my scooter with them!

  9. I like a nice crossbody too, but being short the strap has to be adjustable. I picked up a cute small MK one a few months back.

  10. mochababe73 on said:

    I, too, don’t need a bag that hangs to my hip. To be honest, the only time that I use a crossbody bag is during football season or if I’m at a park, parade, etc. My boys play football, and I definitely prefer a crossbody during those times instead of a shoulder bag.

    My favorite is a Michael Kors because the strap is adjustable. I can wear it crossbody or shoulder.

  11. In December I got an Hermes Jypsiere. You can use it across the body or shorten the strap and use it over the shoulder.

  12. I’m all about hands free! I only own shoulder bags with the exception of a dressy evening bag. However, I embraced the shoulder length that fit right under my shoulder, as it is most secure and comfortable! A super long strap is super uncomfortable to me! I don’t appreciate a bag bumping against my hip when I walk. I do appreciate a bag that fits amply and comfortably on my shoulder!! :)

  13. I really only use shoulder strap bags now! It’s just so much more convenient!

  14. lorindalew on said:

    Wouldn’t own anything else.

  15. I never bought a bag I couldn’t wear on my shoulder or, preferably, cross-body. That means I’ve passed up some beautiful bags, but for those of us who live in cities and get around on buses and subways, it’s so much more practical.

  16. Anonymous on said:

    who is in the first picture??

  17. mimi taylor (cigalechanta) on said:

    I have always worn a crossbody bag ever since I can remember. But I wear clutches for dining. I wish I could afford the new Celine that is simple like the constance.

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