Fresh Citron de Vigne for Mom



I heard that people took baths in Dom Perignon during the excess of the ’80s.  My advice is to drink the Dom and bathe in Fresh Citrn de Vigne– inspired by the scent of sparkling wines from the French Champagne region.  It smells delicious (blend of pinot noir, dark almond, white sandalwood and rose) and will not sour like real champagne.  The scent is also lightly tinged with citrus top notes, kind of like a wine spritzer with a twist of lemon!  I can’t think of a better summer time treat for mom!

Fresh Citron de Vigne Shower Gel 10 oz for $18.50

Fresh Citron de Vigne Gift Set ($43 Value) Citron de Vigne Gift Set for $35

One thought on “Fresh Citron de Vigne for Mom

  1. I love Fresh. Especially what they do in the point of sales. Fourniture, merchandising, decoration is just brilliant. Much more luxury than many “luxury” brands.


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