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Frugal Snob: Nine West Fall Winter 2010 Jewelry Preview

Fred Allard. Images from Felicia Sullivan  

The other week I went to the Palace Hotel to preview Nine West’s New Fall Winter 2010 offerings. The set-up was to die for! I’m partial to the Palace Hotel, because it’s where my brother had his Bar Mitzvah, so I have wonderful memories there, but even that withstanding the set-up was gorgeous. I haven’t gotten anything from Nine West in years, but the latest Fred Allard-designed collection may have me turning to the brand once again come Fall. I was particularly impressed with the jewelry –

Earrings: $25 range

Necklaces: $45 range

Rings: $30 range

Bracelets/Cuffs: $40-$55

I actually didn’t even know the brand made jewerley up until the preview, but I’m liking a number of their current pieces as wellThis taupe ruffle bracelet and wide cuff I found particularly eye-catching.  

Have you ever bought jewelry at Nine West?


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