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Shoe Snob: Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Shoes


Did I say I was all done with buying new shoes?!  Apparently I spoke too soon as I just picked up these amazing glittering platforms.  I could not resist pink sparkly shoes!  Did I mention they’re super lightweight and ultra comfortable?  Jimmy Choo made the shoes (left) as a limited edition item for Saks and according to my SA, only Beverly Hills and Dallas locations got them.  I was actually on a Lulu Lemon Athletica run when I happened upon these shoes walking to the valet parking.  I slipped them on for fun and they fit perfectly, begging me to take them home.  Never one to leave gorgeous shoes homeless, I did.  I also brought home the shoe on the right, the metallic color was too pretty to pass up and after looking at 4 figure shoes, $425 seemed quite reasonable for fabulous shoes.  Or am I just insane? 

Jimmy Choo Limited Edition for Saks

4 thoughts on “Shoe Snob: Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Shoes

  1. Anonymous on said:

    These are gorgeous and reasonably priced! Good thing you snatched them up while they still had your size! Good buy :)

  2. Jimmy Choo?!?!?! Oh no….

  3. I’d say good call. In shopping, I always trust my instincts.

  4. Jane H. on said:

    I saw the shoes on the left at Holt Renfrew (in Vancouver)!

    Very pretty but too girlish for my taste…

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