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Mally Bibs – Wear, Wash, Stick


Patty, our # 1 Tot Snob fan, told me about these leather washable bibs and they are so amazing, I cannot believe I did not know about these!! The leather makes it stain proof of course, and one quick rinse ensures all the food is cleaned off. The ingenious part is in the magnetic closure, which is much safer to reduce choking hazards but it also sticks to your fridge, exactly where you need it when it’s mealtime!! Is that smart or what? Obviously, a mom invented this =) The bibs are reversible, one side has the design, the other side is solid with a food catcher pocket. Not only are these bibs a must have for its functionality but also the designs are above and beyond your average level of cuteness. There are so many fun designs I could not decide which to feature (my favorites though are sushi, guitar, rocket, ice cream and firetruck, just to name a few!). You can also custom design your own with choice of color on both sides and any of the bibs can be personalized with your tots name. Mally Bibs are $34.95. I am immediately ordering a bunch for gifts, my tots are done with bibs =(.



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