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MARC JACOBS ‘Rio Stardust’ Studded Satchel


I am having serious memory issues lately and can not recall if I have reviewed this bag before but a Twitter follower recently asked me if she should buy the Marc Jacobs Rio Startdust bag (above) or the D &G Miss Sicily and I gave my absolute vote to the Rio Stardust!  Feels weird to be loving on an MJ bag but I have to give props to his unwavering dedication to his quilted bags.  This one, updated with subtle studs and mini lock (useless I might add, could do without it but doesn’t kill me to look at it) is a great piece of summer arm candy!  I’d be careful when using the body strap with jeans, though.  What do you guys think of this bag?

MARC JACOBS ‘Rio Stardust’ Studded Satchel for $1,395



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  1. I’m not a fan of Marc Jacobs, so take this with a grain of salt…but I think for that price, you could have a fabulous bag. This is pretty ordinary to me, and with the quilting and the lock, looks like a mish-mash of trends I’ve already seen better executed elsewhere.

  2. I bought this bag in beige, but returned it. I liked it, but not enough. I prefer the Stam, as I think it will be a classic always.

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