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We’ve all heard the words “beauty is only skin deep” and “you are what you eat”. Well, eating RAW as a lifestyle does prolong that skin deep beauty and you do become more vibrant, energized and alive just like the foods you eat. Beautiful red and yellow peppers, vibrant hues of green in leaves, deep dark blues and reds in berries and rich purples and oranges just to name a few of the RAW plants, vegetables, fruits and grains that carry so much goodness and nutrients our bodies crave and thrive upon.

There are a lot of opinions about the “RAW” craze that’s started, people ask questions like “what do you eat?” “don’t you get hungry?” “don’t you crave cooked foods?” “why did you go RAW?” Honestly, making a decision to eat RAW or mostly RAW is a lifestyle change unless you’ve grown up in an area or in a family who’s already adapted these eating habits. I was challenged to go RAW for 10 days at a Tony Robbins event by Tony Robbins, he challenged everyone at the seminar to do it and see if they felt a difference. The first thing I thought was I can’t go RAW, I’m barely 100 pounds I’ll wither away to nothing, but he continued to say that by doing this, each person will get to or remain at their natural weight and size, whatever that might be. Everyone is different, some will remain bigger, some smaller, some will gain and others will lose.

My interest was peaked so I did some research and found that besides so many health benefits and testimonials of diseases that have been cured in people without medication, and others shedding pounds they’ve been holding onto for years, going RAW helped you look better! I know it sounds shallow and honestly I was fascinated by the amazing health benefits and energy I was told you get out of it, but what a bonus, a beauty benefit too?!

So I took on the challenge and stayed RAW for about 3-4 weeks. I loved the effects but fell off the wagon due to some major life changes that came up at that time. I’ve been back on RAW for about 2 months now and I’m not going anywhere. It seems I’ve officially turned the RAW food corner, it’s kind of like when you first start out going to the gym, you don’t want to go but you do because you know it’s good for you so you go. The work out itself doesn’t really thrill you but after the work out you feel pretty good for the rest of the day, so you go back a again in a couple days.

Still not wanting to be there, you push yourself to go Afterward you feel good for the rest of the day again, so you go back again a couple days later. Now the class your taking or the machines you’ve been working out on start to actually feel pretty good like you’re finding your groove. So you feel great again and decide you’re not gonna wait a couple days to go back this time, you go back the next day and it’s actually really fun! You feel great and you’re starting to look better too! Finally you start going every day and can’t imagine wanting to miss a day anymore because you feel and look so good. Well that ‘s how eating RAW has been for me. I’ve been reading books and articles and trying recipes everyday now, along with making up some of my own. I guess you can say I’m obsessed because I feel a world of difference in not only my energy and stamina but my emotions are more stable, I handle things better because I think more clearly which in turn makes me a better Mom and a better human, and yes, as far as beauty goes, my skin looks better, the whites of my eyes are whiter, I don’t look tired and I have a healthy glow and a constant buzz. Check out Roxie’s RAW blog here!

A RAW, simple but tasty and filling salad. The Portabello mushroom has protein and tastes like a steak salad 🙂 Portabello Truffle Salad.


Mixed greens (dressing made with olive oil, lemon, white truffle oil, and cracked pepper) marinated portabello mushroom (marinated in Nama unfiltered soy sauce and olive oil) sliced in filets over top. Everything organic and RAW Live courageously! Love fully!

Try the ten day challenge to eat RAW .. if you have any questions or need help getting started you can either email me at, join me on facebook or visit my blog at



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  1. Hi Roxie, Thank you for the post! My husband and I ate raw last year for a while and we both really liked it. Your post is going to make me try it again. I really did feel better eating that way, it does take some effort. Thank you for the recipe I will be making that this weekend.

  2. That’s awesome Lori! Let me know how you liked it and stay tuned for more recipes. There will be a new one next week and more on my site as well as tips and info on RAW 🙂