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Stiletto Stick from Butter London


My “Butter” London obsession continues with its “Stiletto Stick” Hydrating balm. I’ve never had a problem with dry or cracked heels until I gave birth. A year of nursing my boy has done its damage to more than my bra cup size, my heels, hands and elbows are so dry lately I’m ready to take baths in olive oil! I’ve tried everything but the products were always either too oily (slipping around my Louboutin heels are not my idea of a good time) or not moisturizing enough. But the “Stiletto Stick” from Butter London, now this is like hitting the Goldilocks jackpot. It’s just right. No need to get my hands all greasy, the tube application is so easy to use, I just turn and swipe on my heels and elbow right before going out and at night. It has a very light floral scent, yummy! And with regular use, it’s supposed to permanently correct dry heel issues! I just started using it so I can not vouch for that claim but will let you know in a few months. I bought mine at Cooper Spa at Craig Ranch (214-383-1010) mention Beauty Snob to receive free USPS shipping within the United States, International rates will apply.

Or you can order Stiletto Stick from Butter London here for $30



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  1. This is great… I know a lot of women looking for something like this, myself included!

    If any of the blog readers are their friends’ go-to for advice on products like this, you should consider applying to Glamour’s beauty “glambassador” program!