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“The Secrets of the Chanel Handbag” Exhibit

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In New York City next week? Make sure to pay a visit to Chanel’s East 57th Street flagship store, where on the third floor the luxe French label has set up shop–namely, an exhibit entitled “The Secrets of the Chanel Handbag” designed to reveal the handbag’s je ne sais quoi while highlighting the craftsmanship that goes into making one of their most timeless accessories. As Bag Snobs we all know Mademoiselle Chanel first introduced her now timeless shoulder bag in 1929. From then on, she constantly used this idea until she eventually created the bag commonly known as the “2.55” (which is in fact its “date of birth”) in February 1955.

The exhibit launches in the U.S. on May 8 and runs through May 16. The exhibit takes people through the construction of the iconic handbag and its fashion evolution over time. Visitors will be able to walk through and interact with a visual presentation featuring handbags from the Parisian archives and of course see the latest versions designed by Karl Lagerfeld. Why not pick up one while you’re there? Now you’ll be able to justify the four-figure price tag!

1Red patent leather 2.55 bag_Sac 2.55 en cuir verni rouge.jpg1Dark blue leather 2.55 bag_sac 2.55 en cuir bleu foncé.jpg


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  1. My biggest concern would be about the counterfeiters that would exploit the exhibition but they wouldn’t go that far to recreate a handbag when all they do is make it “look” authentic (though would get to see a part of their back catalog) but I would love to see the show if I could.