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Zid Zid Petit Eco Poofs


I have something similar to this (but not nearly as nice) around my coffee table and it is the perfect thing for my tots to sit on for snacks and what not. Unlike mine, these little ottomans looks great with or without tots sitting on them and they slide under your coffee table when not in use. They will look amazing sitting anywhere in your living room! The best part is the eco-chic aspect, they come flat with just the cover and you stuff them with your own recycled products like magazines, newspapers, clothes, whatever. This reduces the carbon footprint in the shipping as well as take care of what would be trash in your home. This is immediate and direct recycling! Plus, image all the fun you’ll have with your tot tearing up magazines and newspapers and balling them up for the stuffing. I am crazy about this idea, beautiful Moroccan old world look that is functional, fun and environmentally sound. Zid Zid Petit Gold Owl Eco Poof at Arte Bebe for $79.



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