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Adriana Castro in Sex and the City 2


I invited bag designer Adriana Castro to attend the Sex and the City 2 premiere with me last Monday night at Radio Music City Hall because I knew a few of her bags were featured in the film and thought it would be fun to watch the movie with her. I did not know, however, that a total of FIVE Adriana Castro bags would be dangling on the arms of the SATC 2 cast throughout the movie! I loved seeing Adriana’s face when the bags would appear on the screen– she was at once joyful and tearful, I felt so proud of my friend!  We ran into Pat Field at the after party and Adriana got to thank her in person which was another highlight for the young designer.   But I think the biggest moment of the evening for Adriana was meeting SJP herself, who was equally excited to meet the designer of the python Eva clutch that she toted in the movie!  If you do not own an Adriana Castro bag yet, now is the time to scoop one up! 

1 Python Eva Clutch– This colorblock python clutch was in the movie for a total of 5 minutes!  It was definitely the scene stealer whenever it’d appear!

2 Python Meissa Hobo Samantha brought this to lunch with the girls, we actually gave away this bag last year!  

3 Ostrich Meissa Hobo Carrie toted this on the flight to Abu Dhabi, the sherbert color is gorgeous with her tanned skintone.  We gave away a purple ostrich Meissa last January (as you can see, Adriana is extremely generous to our readers– she is SO deserving of her success!)

4 Python Meissa Hobo The hot pink python version was my absolute favorite and we gave this away a year and half ago.   Adriana and I had a good giggle over the fact that Pat Field and the Bagsnobs have the same taste– she chose all 3 bags that we adored and gave away!

5 Croc Modish Clutch This is one of the chicest clutches in Adriana’s collection, sleek and sophisticated, I’m thinking I need to add it to my bag collection as well! 


Arriving at Radio City Music Hall!




Waiting for the movie to start!


At the after party at Lincoln Center, meeting her fairy godmother, Pat Field!


Highlight of my entire trip. SJP is so pretty in person, glowing skin and beautiful kind eyes. Love love love her!



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  1. You seem like the person who can help. I’m on a desperate search to find out what sort of luggage Miranda was using, specifically the bag she used to “steal” all the bathroom products with. There was a very clear shot of it during that scene and the friend I was with now wants one.

  2. I want to thank Tina, Kelly and Bag Snob for supporting my work. It was so special to watch this movie with you. It really means a lot to me! I will never forget that moment. XOXO

  3. Adriana so pleased for your success of getting so many of your gorgeous bags onto the hottest movie of the year!!

    I have to ask I adore your dress who is it by?!


  4. Can you please tell me who the blue hard-sided luggage is by and where can I get it from? Carrie takes this luggage with her on the trip, and there’s a shot of it when she is packing in the closet and when they were leaving the hotel in Abu Dhabi.

  5. That luggage is made by Globetrotter. It is a exclusive British brand. Handmade and rather expensive. Featured prominently in Gossip Girl as well. Their website will show you their entire collection and where you can find the collection in America. Hope that helps.

  6. I hope someone can help me! I love love love the pink and white suitcase Carrie uses in the movie. It was going through security at the airport…anybody know where I can find this?

  7. For those who expressed an interest in the SATC 2 pink suitcase, I believe the suitcase you’re talking about is the Samsonite “Bright Lite” (and it’s on sale now)! Enjoy!

  8. hi i really hope someone can help me with this im looking for that suitcase carrie was caring at the airport the pink and white i looked for it as Samsonite “Bright Lite” and something else comes up please help!!!!

  9. if my memory was correct, that pink one first seen in season 5,that Carrie had a trip with sam by train, and she use this case at that time already. carrie said it’s an VV Westwood Vintage.May be this could give you some clue.BTW, I would like to ask about Sam’s luggage, the red collection, does anyone know? Thanks?

  10. hi, what was the handbag that the nanny had with her at the reception (i think they were at a reception)? Does anyone know? Thanks!

  11. hi, what was the handbag that the nanny had with her at the reception (i think they were at a reception)? Does anyone know? Thanks!