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Anne Hathaway in Lady Dior

I know that Marion Cotillard is now the poster girl for Lady Dior, but no ad campaign is going to change my opinion on this bag. Sure it’s a classic staple that will never go out of style, but I think it’s best kept for the conservative over 60-set. Anna Hathaway looks a bit ridiculous in her shades, hat, and the Lady Dior Medium Bag ($2,250) worn by its long strap. The bag’s handles aren’t very practical (ie they hurt if you wear them slung over your wrist), so I don’t blame her for using the detachable strap, but the long strap turns this bag into such a slob! This isn’t a bag meant to be worn while running errands; it’s for the ladies who lunch set. The Granville or one of Dior’s Shoppers are way better options for young ladies on-the-go.

What do you think about Anne Hathaway’s Lady Dior?


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  1. I have this bag in a purple that gives it a very cool spin, so I beg to differ. This bag doesn’t have to be for the over 60-set…

  2. If I was going to go with a small Dior bag, I’d choose the Rendez-Vous. It’s still got the pattern and the Dior charms (if that’s your style), but the design isn’t quite as stuffy.

  3. Nowhere near bad enough to merit a “slob” – not the most elegant of ensembles, but the long handle makes the bag more suitable to Anne’s laidback look here. She manages to look young, luxe, and laidback at the same time – not an easy feat.

  4. If one thinks this is for the over 60 set than that same idea would have to apply to Birkins and 2.55s … I think it looks classic and I actually like it with what she is wearing.

  5. I think this bag is super cute and I’m in my 20’s. I’m not 100% sure why Sharon is even a bagsnob-she lacks bag knowledge, style and is very negative all the time! Only read

    this post because it didn’t specify the blogger on Twitter.

  6. While I could see a woman in her 20’s or 30’s carrying this off if she was going for a more formal look a la blair waldorf, I think it looks kind of silly with Anne’s laid back outfit. While some classic bags (say, a chanel 2.55 or even a worn in hermes kelly) look good with a more casual outfit, this bag does NOT fit the bill..and it does not look good worn with the long strap! In my opinion she looks badly matched, not luxe.

  7. I think Anne has enough style to carry this one off and Princess Diana used this particular Dior when she was in her mid-30s and it didn’t age her – it’s about how you wear it!

  8. I like the look…it’s eclectic…As far as the bag on its own, it’s beautiful! Perfect for any age as long as you carry it with the right attitude!

  9. The bag is great. In fact I am considering buying this bag after seeing a French girl with it. She looked well chic wearing a tweed jacket and hat with skinny blue jeans and a pair of converse.

    I like the way this bag can be worn with the strap, just like Anne; casual but with style.