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Devi Kroell Body Bag


Devi Kroell took the best features of a cross body and hobo and made the ultimate fashionable run around bag. Her body bag is like a giant hobo that goes comfortably across the body – and don’t judge by the picture of it by itself, when it is on, it is amazing! This is one of the best bags this season for function meets fashion. The straps are long so the bag hang low across the hips and wraps slightly around the body. The zipper with double pulls goes way up to the bound leather shoulder trim, so you can reach every inch of the interior without trouble. The super airy leather (almost suede like) keeps this lightweight and easy on the shoulder. We have loved Devi for years but with this ultimate must have, it may finally put Devi Kroell on the map. At Devi Kroell for $1690.



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  1. This Devi Kroell is absolutely beautiful! One concern though is how does the bag look when worn as a regular hobo shoulder bag? ty!

  2. It’s a wonderful style and a nice price. If Devi is no longer with her company, I wonder who is designing her bags now? This somehow doesn’t look like it came from from her hand.