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Dior Lip Maximizer (Better than lip injections!)


I spent an entire afternoon at the cosmetic counters last Sunday (it’s called “Research” in my business) and discovered a product that will save you thousands of dollars from lip injections. The SA who told me about it had really pretty and full lips (I actually thought they were “enhanced”) that she swore was from Dior’s “Lip Maximizer” gloss. I had my doubts and was going to move on until she told me to return it if I was not 100% satisfied with it. Seriously– who returns used goopy lip gloss?! But I am a sucker and bought it (if you think beauty bloggers get everything free, think again– I pay for most of my beauty products cuz you only get one sample to review). Of course I tore it out of its packaging immediately (even before I paid) and slicked it on my lips. A tingling sensation (not unlike what dentists give you) ensued and the brightest shine my lips ever experienced. I’m not sure if my lips looked fuller but it definitely looked prettier. The gloss is not too sticky (although it is quite thick) and the shine lasts for hours! My bottom line: way better than lip injections cuz the high shine brings attention to the mouth and makes it appear fuller, bigger, and brighter. Plus it’s $29.50, pricey for lip gloss but dirt cheap compared to injections.

Dior Lip Maximizer for $29.50



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  1. I’d be really curious to see a full ingredient list on this product- as far as I can tell, the key ingredients are hyaluronic acid and collagen. While both are associated with plumping in their injectable forms, I’ve never seen any studies that support the idea that they can plump when topically applied.

    They’re both great moisturizers, so not all is lost. I personally am wary about any lip plumper, but look for ones that contain peptides, niacinamide or retinol (all of which are known to stimulate collagen production.) I’d love to see if this contains any of those ingredients, in which case the under $30 price would be a steal!

  2. I think the best natural lip plumpers are jalapeno peppers. Every time I eat them my lips swell and are bright red. Good stuff.

  3. I love the texture, taste, look and feel of Dior’s Lip Volumizer here so I think it’s great. I have a gazillion glosses for one reason or another and I agree with the evaluation here altho I am unconvinced about Lip Plumpers in general.

    Beautiful product that covers many bases and can be used under or over other lip colors. Great for kiss-ready lips and breathe!

  4. I tried this lip plumper yesterday and it did not have any tingle or any sort of other effect which was disappointing, since a lot people have said good things about this lip plumper. I actually thought it would plump my lips 🙁

  5. This really does work! I tried it by slathering it on my lips and going to sleep. I literally woke up with 2 huge lips! It was insane! My boss asked if I got them “done” I’ve been defending them ever sence.