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Eyedews Under Eye Mask


As if five blogs are not enough to keep us busy– we’ve just launched (please go check it out!) to satiate our shoe obsessed readers!  Fun as shoe blogging may be, however, all the extra work late at night has been really rough on my skin, specifically my eye area. Just as I was fretting about my puffy eyes, I was sent an offer to try the Eyedews Under Eye mask. I was sent two packs of the masks to review and I put them in the fridge as suggested overnight.   When I actually opened the packs, I was surprised that the patches were in some sort of wet solution and very slippery (felt like pieces of jello) which made it difficult to apply, it kept slithering around my face and would not stay put! I finally laid down to keep them where they’re supposed to be (beneath my eyes) which subsequently led to an impromptu nap. 15 Minutes later, I was rudely awakened by my five year old son (shaking me and shouting) “It’s my vacation, are you NAPPING? GET UP!  We have to go swimming and do fun stuff!”. My Eyedews masks were dry by then and well adhered to my skin so I left them on while I got ready to go out. When I finally removed the patches (total of 30 minutes) the skin around my eyes looked plumper, smoother and more dewy.  It also took some of the puffiness away.  Will definitely continue using this mask each week, at the very least, it will cool me down during scorching summer days.  You must try it if you have under eye issues– just be careful not to get the solution into your eyes, ouch!  

Eyedews under eye masks 4 pairs for $20.



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  1. hello, do you still recommend iS clinical skincare? i’m thinking about purchasing it. also what do you use from natura bisse? thanks.

  2. Absolutely love iSclinical, I like the advanced night serum and the C serum.

    Natura bisse must haves: Extreme Glycopeel and Extreme Diamond Cream=HEAVEN