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Happy Blankie


Here is a new concept for Blankies, I know how different can blankies get? Well, how about combining the comfort of a cozy blankie and your favorite plush animal? Hello? Why didn’t I think of that!! This was the idea of a 9 year old boy, David Holdridge, who wanted to combine his sister’s favorite stuffed animal with her blankie so she can feel completely happy and safe. Is that the sweetest thing or what? With the help of mom, Happy Blankie was launched. There are 4 designs to choose from, Chase the Dog, Giggle the Pig, Stomp the Frog and Tumble the Bear. Each come in 3 sizes, Small is 18″x18″ for $29, Medium is 36″x40″ for $59 and Large is 48″x56″ for $99. You can also personalize it for an additional $10. They also have a mission to help children in need of comfort with their “One to Love, One to Give” program. For every blankie purchased, they donate one to a child in a hospital or orphanage. I have the little piggy, in the medium size and this the perfect thing to bring along on any trip. It is silky smooth on one side and plushy soft on the animal side for the ultimate in cuddly-ness.




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