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Hormone Harmony from Sweet Spot Labs


This is a delicate topic but we’re all girls here (or are we?) so let me speak freely. That time of the month is so unbearable that scientists have developed pills to limit it’s frequency to just a few times a year. Whether or not you’re on that program, you just can’t avoid it so when your routine is intruded upon, there is something you can do to help you feel fresh and carefree. The Hormone Harmony Sweet Suite Set will make you love the special time with cleansers formulated with hormone balancing ingredients. The set comes with grapefruit and basil essential oils in a Gentle Wash, Balancing Mist, Wipettes (30 deluxe-sized gentle wipettes) and On-the-Go Wipettes for $29.85. No, you still won’t look forward to it but at least you will enjoy the ritual that will put the bounce back in your step.

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