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Jessica Kagan “My Other Bag is….”

I accidentally forgot to lock my locker at the gym a few weeks ago and everything (minus sweaty socks and such…), was stolen! Adios Gucci bag, new Polar heart rate monitor, wallet…thankfully I didn’t have my credit cards, license, etc. in my bag but still what an aggravation! Warning even at nicer gyms like Sports Club LA, make sure to lock away your belongings! That said I never bring any favorite bags to the gym or beach because they always end up getting tossed around and on the floor, so I can’t think of a more appropriate bag than one of these 100% cotton canvas ones from Jessica Kagan to replace my stolen one. They come in a few different shapes and run between $45 and $70. Pretty much whatever your favorite major brand is chances are you’ll be able to find it on one of these bags (Bottega, Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi…). Sure the construction and shape are about as basic and boring as they come, but the message is fun/funny/and for most Bag Snobs, true! 


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  1. Sorry, but I actually think this is pretty tacky. It implies that you only buy bags for the status and not for their inherent beauty. Also, the designer names don’t even match the true font (probably for copyright/trademark reasons) which makes it even worse IMO.

  2. Agree with the comment above about the bags being tacky. Really, who feels the need to proclaim to the entire world the designers of his/her other bags? Spending $40 – $75 on an obnoxious canvas tote that I can get at Target for $5 is just dumb.

  3. oh this is funny, really funny 🙂 but leaving the humor part aside, would you wear this?

    I would, indeed, whenever I go and buy groceries 🙂

  4. It’s great that you have a good sense of humor and can find humor after being violated by theft. Sorry that the “real” thing was taken. These bags in your post are great.


    The Beso Team

  5. I find them to be silly cute as those bumper stickers on older beat up vehicles that say “My other car is a Porsche “I could see younger girls getting away with this but not the older woman. It would look ridiculous as a public bag. However, for a throw around gym bag or gardening or something of that sort you could get away with it.

    Sorry about your stuff getting stolen.