Jimmy Choo Zulu Studded Leather Clutch


Judging from the slew of Fall bags that have hit the stores, it’s clear that studded embellishment for bags are here to stay (for now). I keep going back and forth on this. On the one hand, will use my studded Hermes CDC belts and Medor clutches forever but on the other, am already sick of my Trussardi studded bag (the only trendy studded bag I bought this year). That said, if you are forever a rocker chick at heart, choo_zulu_back.jpgJimmy Choo’s Zulu clutch is one worthy of consideration.  Here’s why: the studs are minor details and don’t overwhelm and the petite fringes gives it a chic edge. But the best part is, when you get sick of the studs/fringes you can flip it around et voila– a simple black leather clutch.  Brilliant of Jimmy Choo to know when to say when and to leave the back of the bag simple and streamlined.  Two bags for one, how can you resist?

Jimmy Choo Zulu Studded Leather Clutch for $975

4 thoughts on “Jimmy Choo Zulu Studded Leather Clutch

  1. can you please take me off you DM list. thanks

  2. Kallie on said:

    I will not tire of studs yet. This is very chic option!

  3. Studs forevah! Loving on this

  4. Bag Snob Tina on said:

    Hi Thea,

    You must have signed up for DM via Twitter, we have a page that addresses this issue and how to resolve it. https://www.feedblitz.com/f/f.fbz?login&channel=6

    You’ll have to log in with your twitter account and manage the options from there!

    Apologies for flooding your inbox! xo

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