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Marni Studded Leather Bag


If I didn’t already have the Bottega Veneta grommet tote, I would be running to the store right now to get this. But even though this will not be mine, I am so overjoyed to see a Marni that I love again. I am a Marni girl through and through and these last few seasons of really bad bags had me feeling a bit lost and betrayed. I love this as a satchel but I wish it would also work as a cross body. It technically can but I am bothered by the placement of the shoulder straps. Why on the handle hardware? It looks like an afterthought this way. As if they’re like, “Oh cross body bags are in! Lets just slap on some straps and call it a day”. OK, I didn’t say this was absolutely perfect. At Net-a-Porter for $1465.



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  1. Your Bottega is way better, Marni bags are cheap and the styles are un-original. Which brings me to this question: what happened to Marni?

  2. Yes, of course my Bottega is much nicer. It also comes with this suede pouch that has become my BFF. I put all my eseentials and small, easy to loose items in there and when I switch out bags, I just put the pouch in my new bag. I should totally do a post on it.

    Love, Kelly

  3. You forgot to mention your BFF (me) bought you that Bottega studded bag with the suede pouch that is now your BFF, lol!

    I bought the smaller version for myself and it has that pouch, too- love it!