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Murad Clarifying Body Spray

I struggle with back acne every time I don’t shower ASAP after I workout. I have hyper sensitive skin and unfortunately there’s nothing sexy about wearing a backless top if you’ve got an infestation on your back! My problem is that after an intense workout I’ll usually spend a good deal of time stretching or sometimes I’ll just hang around chatting with a friend or my trainer and by the time I get to my shower the sweat has dried and the damage is done. I use my Clarisonic Body Brush which helps get rid of breakouts faster, but I really need something preventative. This problem led me to Murad

Clarifying Body Spray 4.3 oz ($37). Now right after I finish my workout I spritz this on my back and it has helped keep my breakouts at bay. I still get them when I delay showering for a few workouts in a row, but they’re a lot more mild. The spray dispenses super easily and a lot comes out (hence it gets to those hard-to-reach back areas), and it has a coconut-y smell that’s not medical-smelling at all (like most products formulated with salicylic acid). Plus I like that it’s not packaged in such a way that everyone immediately thinks it’s an acne-treating spray. My new gym bag must-have!


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