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RAW or Nothing?


RAW whole foods not only have super nutrients that feed the body what it needs, they also have live enzymes that break things down so that your body can take what it needs and discard the rest.

People who are just taking on the RAW food challenge tell me they can’t seem to eat 100% RAW everyday for what ever reason it may be (it varies on each indivuals situation or life style), and some want to stop doing it all together despite the outstanding benefits they are experiencing!

Here’s a super yet simple and delicious recipe that I’m totally hooked on right now. I’ve been making it almost every day and eating it sometimes three times a day! 🙂

RAW Stir Fry:

1 bunch bok choy

1 bunch or bag mung bean sprouts

4 or 5 stalks green onions

1 tablespoon RAW sesame oil

1 tablespoon Nama shoyu

Pinch of Celtic sea salt

–Chop up all veggies and put in a big bowl. Add ingredients and stir around using salad tossing utensils or tongs. Can be eaten right away or you can let stand for 30 minutes for flavor to soak in.


–For other alternative: put stir fry in a sheet of dried nori and roll into a wrap.

It doesn’t have to be All RAW or nothing, even I am not 100% RAW everyday day (although there are many who are). Whether you’re 100% RAW, 50% RAW, or somewhere in between, it is still a much healthier choice than going back to eating a high percentage of foods that have chemical preservatives or foods that all the nutrients have been cooked out of. You can have a small piece of protein (ie fish) with a large amount of greens or other RAW vegetables of choice with it, once a day. This way you are satisfying your craving for something hot or cooked and because you are eating far more RAW food with the cooked, the enzymes are still able to break it down and process it through your body. As you continue to eat “mostly” RAW, your body chemistry will start changing from an acidic state to a more alkaline one, which in turn will eventually change the cravings from the culinary cooked to the relishing RAW!

Remember… Have Fun! Feel Better!

Live courageously! Love fully!



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  1. Lulu,

    Coffee is not part of a RAW food diet, sorry. One of the goals in eating RAW is to get your body chemistry in an alkaline state and coffee is acidic and quite disruptive to the body’s overall system. You can read more about it in “Caffeine Blues”, a very informative book on coffee and it’s effects.

    Now for the good news. Yes, you can have chocolate, but not the kind of chocolate you are most likely referring to…the milky chocolate bars from Hersheys, no 🙁

    You can have cacao, which is what milk chocolate bars are made from before they add all the sugars and dairy etc. into it. There are a lot of RAW chocolate recipes out there that are actually really yummy. If you’re interested, visit my site and ask me for some to post!

  2. You can get bored eating RAW daily. I am trying to eat RAW a few times a week. Alternatively, I go for multigrain & wholemeal bread with soup or salad.