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Eating RAW is not just great for your health, body, skin and emotions, it’s also a great way to expand your mind and creativity and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You get to think up new combinations of flavors and textures that you like, and make your own creations. Do what you can at first, have more salads, fruits, nuts and water to start with, then slowly add on to that as it becomes a staple and you’ve integrated it into your diet and routine. After that you can slowly start to diversify by adding something new to your menu …like nori(dried sheets of seaweed). You can start using the nori sheets to wrap your mixed greens along with avocados or sprouts or just about any veggies that you like to eat. You can combine RAW oils, herbs and spices to make flavors you like, and put it in your wraps as well.

When you find something you like, stick to it until you find something else, then something else, and then something else until eventually you have a pretty good selection of things you’re use to making and eating that you like. Your body chemistry will start changing slowly from an acidic state to a more alkaline one, in turn your taste buds will start changing as well, wanting things that feed your body, RAW whole foods. Your body will start getting the nutrients it wants from these foods instead of the empty calories from processed or cooked foods and you won’t be as hungry anymore. You’ll eventually start eating less which in turn will even out those grocery bills….not to mention fewer doctor visits/bills because your body will become more healthy and efficient. 🙂 Remember the most important thing is, Have Fun! … and Feel Better! Jump for recipe of the week: RAW Cauliflower Samosas!


Cauliflower Samosas

From: “Raw Food Real World” by Sarma Melngailis

For Samosa Wraps:

2 Cups young coconut meat

1 1/2 Cups coconut water (or more)

1/2 teaspoon cayenne

1/2 teaspoon sea salt


– In a Vita-Mix or high speed blender, puree the coconut with the coconut water, cayenne and sea salt until completely smooth.

-Spread coconut very thin on Teflex-lined dehydrator tray

-Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 1 to 2 hours or until surface is dry (these took close to 10 hours)

-Dehydrate further on the screen only, just to dry under side, 15 to 20 minutes

-The wraps should be very thin, almost transparent, and very pliable.

-Carefully slide the wraps onto a flat cutting surface and cut into large rectangles, (3.5 x 7 inches) and set aside. *each sheet should makes 8 wraps.

For filling:

-1 large head cauliflower

-1/2 cup raw macadamia nuts

-1 cup filtered water

-1 tablespoon

-2 Tablespoons Chunky Chat masala (or substitute garam masala)

-1 Tablespoon chopped fresh Ginger

-Celtic sea salt

-Black pepper, ground

-1 Cup fresh peas or thawed frozen peas

-1 Handful julienned cilantro


– place cauliflower florets in a food processor, fitted with an S-blade, and pulse a few times to chop into small pieces.

– in Vita-Mix or high speed blender, add the nuts, water, garam marsala, chunky chat and ginger and puree at high speed for 2 minutes until completely smooth. Should be consistency of heavy cream.

– season with Celtic sea salt and pepper to taste.

– combine cauliflower with macadamia cream in a shallow glass bowl or pan and stir in peas.

– place bowl into dehydrator at 115 degrees for about 2 hours, stir occassionally, until cauliflower becomes somewhat tender and cream thikens a bit.

– tosscilantro into cauliflower mixture just before filling the wraps.

To Fill Wraps:

– place 1 heaping tablespoon of cauliflower filling at one end of the coconut wrapper. Fold one corner over diagonally to meet the other to form a triangle. Fold the samosa over and continue folding like a flag. Wet the end of the wrapping paper slightly to seal.

– serve the samosa with Mango Lime Cilantro Sauce

Mango Lime Cilantro Sauce

-mango 2

-lime juice 2 1/2 tablespoons

-cilantro 1/2 bunch

*optional – pinch cayenne, pinch celtic sea salt, banana


– Place all ingredients into food processor, fitted with S-blade and process until desired consistancy. Serve as a dipping sauce, desert topping, salad dressing, bas of a soup, or leave chunky for chutney.


Live courageously! Love fully!


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  1. Must you really make uppercase “raw”, as if it’s an acronym? It it really is, you should define it. Otherwise, the word “raw” is just that: a word. It’s not capitalized unless it begins a sentence. Please! So ridiculous.